What about people… what are they saying?

People are lovingTrainYourEars.

When you get a release going, let me know and I’ll be sure to put a link to your site in my book.
Mastering Guru, Florida
Digido Studios
I love the software, it's addictive.
Mastering Engineer, Canada
Planet Sudios
It's the best program of this kind & can do a lot for you if used regularly. 
I always recommend it to my fellow engineers.
Engineer, Producer & Musician, United Kingdom
I'm taking a Critical Listening class and absolutely love your program. It's more useful than the class itself.
Music Producer, Washington
Art Institute of Washington
As someone with lot of experience, I was surprised by how much it refined my ability to detect frequencies.
Mastering Engineer, Denmark
6 Bit Deep Sudios
I love the software! 
I would never be without it again. It helps me be more unbaised, confident and precise.
Producer, Composer &  Mastering Engineer, Italy
Owl Mastering
Hello, I'm Pedro, but my real name is Pierre...
Anyway, just wanna thank you for the insanely good program train your ear, which i'm using every single day.
Pedro Blanco
Pedro Blanco Linkedin
I really enjoy Train Your Ears EQ Edition.
It is the best invest I made this year so far!
Fabrice Mouchain
Elvalys Mastering Studio
I am really impressed.
Just playing around with it for a few minutes a day has already made quite an impact on how I hear music.
Marko Zirkovich
Advancing Musician
I bought this a couple of days back and I'm already hitting about 94% accuracy. I was WAY off initially. I look forward to identify multiple 1/3 octaves!
Bill Black
Thanks for providing such a good software.
In only two weeks, I could notice a real improvement of my ear skills. Congratulations, and keep going!
Luc Havrin
Luc Havrin
I have started to get my head around it.
It's amazing, and offers more than I can sort through (!), but I know it is helping me already.
Katherine Casper
Great training!
Even for Live Engineers like myself.
It really makes listening for little nuances in music and sound systems a lot easier!
Marc Zeebregts
Marc Zeebregts Geluid
I purchased your software over the weekend to check it out and I think it is going to be a great tool for aspiring engineers.
David Stagl
North Point
What i really like is the fact that it kills the "placebo" effect. It's easy to believe you can hear 1dB at 600Hz if the EQ tells you that, but it's a whole another story with TYE :))
Pierre-Jean Houlle
I LOVE the program. Progress already showing in one week.
Levi Lenaerts
TrainYourEars EQ trainer is the best 29€ I ever spent.
Frazer Scott Murray
Thank you for your great Software! I'm still in the very beginning but my score sheet shows already a progress :-)
I would like to say I love your software. It is what I have been searching for months. I have been working on basic boosts and cuts but have already improved over the space of a week.
Nathan McIntyre
Have you planned to develop TrainYourEars Compressor, Reverb, etc...? If it's the same quality as the EQ Edition I would buy it!
Nicolas Felix
 In the studio I am working there is a Sound Engineer who is very good. In less than a year, I'm getting pretty close to hear what he hears. Hah... it's just so great. Thanks a lot. 
Marco Lujan Diaz
Even after a week of using it on a non-regular basis, I found I was able to find problem freq's much quicker.
I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you've put into the software. It really is brilliant. 
Seriously, hours of fun and learning to be had.
Thanks again!
James Lovatt
Bearing Edge
Great software, thanks for making this!
Gregg Fine
Hidden Tiger Music
I bought your program yesterday & I already really love it. Thank you a thousand times for this wonderful tool, I will definitely recommend it to lots of people.
Simon Kar
I'm very excited to start using the software because I've been waiting for something like this for a long time!
Andreas Gisler
Door Knocker
Thanks for the TrainYourEars EQ! Great program! I am using it a lot, and I am beginning to get a grip on the basic frequencies and thinking on making it a bit harder :)
Thomas Dahl
Great software, thanx a lot! Much more fun than with Golden Ears!
Michael Schulze
By the way, your software is really awesome! The learning curve is so steep and you just know that your ears get better with every training lesson.
Thanks a lot. Andy
Andy Fritsch
Cold Sounds
Just using it for five minutes a day has mineral wealth of difference to my professional life, mixing audio.
jack hale
HD Sound Services
And what I want to say guys!!!! This is great, great stuff it is full filling the things you are showing in the video! Looks like a MUST HAVE!!!! Regards!
Wolfgang Herrmann
Congrats on launching the app. It's a really fantastic piece of software, and very useful indeed!
Chris Wright
I searched for something like this for long!
Great done!
Sebastian Mikolai
I can't say enough positive things about this product and company.  I'd be willing to buy it at twice the price, really. I can see utilizing this tool over and over.
john pasquarelli
I should also mention how great this software is - I'm an audio engineer in training and this is incredible - it's an invaluable tool and something I have highly recommended here.
I'm beginning to hear patterns only after a day of training, and finding my scores are improving, so I'd say that's pretty incredible stuff.  Great job!
Mitchell Wilcox
Future Perfekt
You can stress over buying the latest plugins to help the mix. But there is no better tool than your ear! Fix that and no amount of plugins can replace it!
Thanks for this fantastic software guys!
Azam Premji
 I just bought the program and just love it, 
I am a mixer engineer and I really like your program. 
I bought  TrainYourEars in 2013 and I love it.
Thanks for such a great product!!
Magnus Lervik
Magnus Lervik
You guys are legend.
Keep on doing the good work.
Kevin Garcia Fernandez
I have purchased your software and I think it is fantastic.
Thanks for your help and for the phenomenal software. It is extremely useful!
Bought it, Using it, Loving it.
The variety of options make this an easy program to start - not get frustrated - and improve.  Nicely done!
Daniel Kenney
I really love your software.
I tested it on a Mac of a friend and really want this masterpiece of software.
Philip Desenreiter
It's a very invaluable tool for me; a more affordable and modern alternative to something like Golden Ears by Moulton Labs.
Charles Spearman
I Love the program.
It’s really quite a valuable tool for me, and I thank you for your development.
Creighton Underwood
I consider TrainYourEars and MagicAB the two most essential and valuable third party software purchases for any aspiring Audio Engineer.
Andrew Houston
It is an incredible piece of software.  
It does everything you need and more to train your ears!
Antony Dennis
Your software is really well thought out.
I'm in the profession (Sound Engineer) and I often recommend this software.
That fixed everything, the program is great.
It is already changing how I produce and hear music. Fantastic work! And thank you for listening!!!
I'm sure the group will be blown away. One of them is a music professor and he had recommended that I use "Golden Ears", which is a joke in comparison to your software.
Hey guys, I don't know if you'll ever get this but i just wanted to say thank you!
Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to any future products you might release!!!
Very much thanks for programming this software. I have used Golden Ears but this is so much easier, faster and much more comfortable.
Stefan Huber
Silent Wave
I love it.
I don't have as much time as I would like to actually sit down and train my ears but when I do it definitely is teaching me.
Erica Thibodeau
Before there were Lows, Mids and Highs and I was try and error sweeping.
Now I know pretty much how the basic frequencies sound like :)
Hauke Frederik Pengel
It is very useful.
I think that it helps to use in a mixing context too: run a bass, vocal, or other instrument through it versus a complete mix. This is how I’ll use it next. 
Joe Francis
Awesome product. I've had it for only a few days but I feel I have gained months worth of experience.
Roark Bailey
Your TrainYourEars software it's fantastic!!
Really useful to increase my skills on hearing frequencies.
Didier freestok
Ok, thanks! I'm digging the exercises already.  
I teach at SAE New York City and I will recommend this to my students!
Great product!
John Siket
SAE New York
I have experimented with various tools but they did not offer the variety and ease of access to ear training offered by Train your Ears.
Theodore Bablekos
I love this so much that I want to get another copy for my girlfriend who is a Sound Engineer too. I see so much improvement on my mixes! Great product here my friend!
I love TrainYourEars!
It is been a life changer for me!
Francisco Cuellar
Kudos for your soft.
It’s actually very good & instructive. I’m proud of myself picking the right answers now. I started simple and for sure it has a great learning  curve.
Djasra Ratebaye
I have started to get my head around it. It's amazing, and offers more than I can sort through (!), but I know it is helping me already.
Thanks again.
Katherine Casper
Sure! I've really only just started my training, but practicing 5 minutes everyday I noticed an improvement in my sensitivity to those frequencies.
Andrew Yeh
I just purchased it yesterday and I must say it is amazing. Although I make music occasionally, I want it to sound perfect and your software will definitely improve my mixes.
Luka Brulc
Love your software program, very powerful! It exposed my poor room treatment (had to switch to headphones). 
Thanks for the best listening program on the market.
Rocky Jardine
When I'm working in a new control room I plug my laptop and I spend 30 minutes with TrainYourEars to "learn" the room.
It's quite effective and very helpful !
Anthony CHMIEL 
I think your program is one of, if not the best eq training software out there. Easy to use and very flexible with no nonsense.
Keep up the good work!
bernard steer
thanks thanks thanks!
a very nice programm--- i think i have new ears!
steffen reddig
At my last gig I found myself tuning the EQ of each channel to achieve a more pleasing sound, receiving compliments from patrons and the band on how well the mix sounded.
I use it almost every day. It's really helpful to learn and remember the timbre of the spectrum.
I used a couple of apps like that, but in my opinion it is  the number one in the market.
It's very useful.
I started training on regular basis and I found that it became easier to use reference tracks and EQs in the mixing process.
Thanks for your work!!!
Arcady Anisimov
My ability to recognise frequencies was rubbish before I start regularly using this software.
It works.
Niall O'Carroll
After a while you start to notice how the sound is build up (frequency wise), whether there are harsh-sounding frequencies or if there's something missing.
Alex Falkenberg
Your Software
kicks ass!!!
This is probably one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made. Such a great product guys.
It is very useful. I am quite short of time but, as a budding mix engineer, I find it definitely helps to begin hearing problem frequencies.
Deane Buchan
I bought TrainYourEars EQ Edition a while ago and I love it!
Tony Schumacher
Northern Gateway Productions
Hey guys,
I just bought your program recently, and my first impression: extremely useful! Thanks!
Jörg Reinke
First of all, TrainYourEars really rocks. I like the way program emphasises your weak spots. And fully customisable quiz section is amazing.
Mikhail Trubetskov
I am a teacher of Music Technology in Australia. I have improved my aural perception of the frequency spectrum and 
I always recommend it to my students.
Denis Toner
Your program is an indispensable tool I use usually before I begin mixing or tracking at my studio.
Ryan Sambrook
Just wanted to stop in and say thanks so much for this product. It's really helped my mixing ability and I'm continuing to practice and set harder settings and improve! thanks a ton guys!!! 
Quinlan Stuwe
Oxigen Beats
I'm a user of your software and I love it.
Have you planned to do an edition on compression?
Dominique Massicotte
Love the software so far.
I had no idea how much I needed this software
Ronny Rydgren
I really like the program, it's amazing.
Rune H. Nørgaard
I've purchased your software and love it, it’s great !
I find it really useful.
Gypo BugganE
Great software by the way.  I’m teaching sound design and I’ll promote it to my students.
David Poltrock
David Poltrock
I tried quiet a few different programs for technical ear training but most of them sucked badly. TrainYourEars is simply the best one.
Alexander Berger
Okay guys, this is just the most amazing software ever made.
Lenny Ibizarre
Lenny Ibizarre (Wikipedia)
I love 
TrainYourEars because
it’s simple and it works.
Doug Beney
Midi Lifestyle
TrainYourEars is very amazing. I will speak of your software to my friends. I’m sure they’ll love it as well !
You know exactly which frequency is which, which is insane considering I knew nothing 6 months ago and now I get 90%+.
I recommend the program to everyone.
Erik Matthews
I like it A LOT!
Really enjoyed it and can see it being a very valuable tool.
Eric Brunjes
Attack Magazine
I love your software.
I was wondering if you guys are ever going to the program into a mobile app.
Francisco Martinez
Are you guys developing an app? I would pay big money for it and I know quite a few people who'd do the same.
Loving the software so far.
Jeoff Harris
It's very useful. I started training on a regular basis and I found that it's become more easy to use reference tracks in mixing process.
Thank you for your work!!!
OLEG Anisimov
Having the ability to train my frequency recognition has been invaluable, and has massively improved my mixing technique and accuracy.
andrew peachey
Sure. It is easy to use, fun and adaptable!
benoit FRISON
My workflow has been much faster. I’m not sweeping for frequencies as much and my mixes get better faster.
Shadow Play Studios
You are awesome.
Thank you for your care.
As I said, I will try to promote your software, because I believe it's very useful.
İlter Kalkancı
My pleasure.
People find the software really helpful. I tried it and it's really a good tool for training.
Thank you again.
Devid Venara
I absolutely love your software! Is there any other ear improvement software coming soon?
I would buy it for sure!
Thiago Guedes Willecke
I’m very impressed with your software.
Would there be an opportunity to add some features (i.e., save progress and report)?
Dan Field
One of the greatest purchases I've made was getting TrainYourEars!
Anthony Maira
Anthony Maira
The software is great.
I’ve been trying it with several songs and it surprised me. It’s going to be very interesting to see the progress over time. Thanks again.
Ramón Lopez
I love the app - it's perfect the way you can train with white noise / pink noise or your own tracks. It actually helped me identify a phase issue in my studio at 60hz! Brilliant job.
Fraser T Smith
I am a sound engineering teacher in the University of Medellín and I use TrainYourEars to evaluate my students.
Excellent initiative.
Sebastian Lopera
Hello! Congratulations for the software.
I've just started my training and it's really cool. 
Boris Garcia
I have used your software a lot already and I must say that it is fantastic.
Good job!
Mads Stagis
TrainYourEars is great - I've been really enjoying it so far!
Josef Kanka
TrainYourEars has helped me to zone in on troublesome frequencies (especially headset mics). And I really like the gamification aspects to keep the interest.
Tim Collard
I love the software, its definitely very helpful to engineers. Especially the new updated version.
I love it.
Dónal Byrne
Well, I think the concept is brilliant. It is a very useful ear training program. Everyone should use it! (not just producers and mixing engineers).
Antonio da Fonseca
I bought it and think it is a great program! 
Thanks, Shelby.
Shelby Wright
Your software is so simple and yet a very useful practice.
JONAS martiniere
I can’t thank your team enough this amazing piece of software is truly the best training software.
It has made my mixes so much better.
JACK  hale
HD Sound Services
I started training with pink noise. I bought Moulton's CDs a long time ago, but your program is a lot more fun to use. Hat's off!
I’ve learned to hear problem zones way faster in my mixes and nowadays I don’t use EQ so drastic as before.
Julius Galla
I really like the software.
Another one for compression would be amazing too.
lad  agabekov
It does everything I want it to do and I do notice an improvement in my recognition of EQ moves.
The more I use it the sharper I get.
Andrew Spencer
I definitely like the program and have surely gotten my moneys worth out of it. I unfortunately, haven't used it as much as I should, but the program is great and extremely helpful.
Jordan english
I love it! Extremely useful. I go on your website from time to time to check whether there's a new product - If there was, I'd def want to get it.
Hi! The program is very good for training the ears and the base of professional "hearing". Especially for mixing engineers like me.
I love your software and I have wanted to buy it for a long time.
Sheldon Mercury
I'm glad I could buy this program, thanks so much for your work.
Grzegorz Stec
I just purchased your software.
Great idea, awesome capabilities, love it.
Pavel Fateev
I have noticed a huge improvement identifying problem frequencies. Tuning drums, sweetening vocals, and cleaning up instruments happen in my head BEFORE I pull up my EQ.
Azam Premji
Thank you very much. 
I love using this product! It helps a lot.
I use your product religiously. Keep up the good work.
Julian BELL
It's extremely configurable and very useful.
I always recommend it to my students because I think it's an essential tool.
Jorge Sastrón
Many thanks.
I love the software, it's very easy to use.
Nick Sanders
Your tool really helps to learn to speak in Hz and dB language :)
Marijus Bernotas
I do live sound engineering and this program has really helped me judge problem frequencies much quicker.
Kenneth Harcus
I was completely new when I started. However, after 6 months using it now and then, I can point the frequency bands and correct a song.
Highly recommend this software.
Chris Green
I'm an 27 year old audio engineer from Germany who went to college and
got a "Tonmeister" degree.
I got your TYE EQ edition and i think it's great !
André Bodewein
TrainYourEars EQ version has taught me a lot in a very short space of time!
It's A LOT more helpful at learning what things sound like than sweeping the EQ.
Mike Harris
I like it.
It is good.
Really good.
corey gregory
I purchased it and I love it.
I am learning a lot. Looks like the parameters were streamlined.
Bob Lem
I love your product! 
It has improved my mixing abilities dramatically.
Mike Fortine
Recommending this tool for musicians trainyourears.com.
You learn a lot about your mixing and EQ !
Jesus Sosa
Jesús Sosa's Music
This is a brilliant app for training your sound engineer ears:  »Train Your Ears - EQ Edition«
John-Paul Bader
If you want to develop your ear with regards to EQ & identifying frequencies: trainyourears.com
Sam Hulick
Sam Hulick
This TrainYourEars EQ app is pretty dope.
Glad I bought it.
Alex DOn
Alex Don Productions
Any home recording enthusiasts looking to hone your critical listening skills, check out this program.
J. McLean
J. McLean
Want to know how to get the BEST MIXING AND MASTERING for your song?
Check TrainYourEars out ASAP!
Carlos Nivar
This software will let u train your ears to get better mixes by better recognize the sound of different frequencies.
Paulo Ferreira
It is really helpful in learning how to focus listening on different frequency bands in a mix.
Vadim K
If you're serious about recording / mixing then this piece of software is incredible!
Todd Howe
Big Vulture
Want better mixes & learning how to EQ?
You should check this out!
L.W. House
Tried it now for a while and the software is AWESOME! I love it.
By the way i want to thank you for this great piece of software! It really openened my ears :)
Benjamin Di Bora
I think that it's an incredible product. It has made me grow, it tuned my ears to hear different frequencies. It has made me a better mixer, I really love this product!!!
daryle good
I love it!  
It is the best ear training software there is. I can't think of any way it could be better.
You guys did a fine job!
Ryan Mckay
Fantastic software that can be very challenging!
I use this software for 15 minutes before I do any mix. Great job TYE!
Ken Parsons
MBS Productions
TrainYourEars has clearly helped me in recognizing different frequencies.
Timo Ruokola
I got it 3 days ago. In those 3 days, I have improved my "technical" ear more than in the rest of my life.
It's awesome. 
Fernando Ortega
This tool is awesome! Do you have any plans making a compressor version or other effect(s)?  Thanks!
Mattias Bergström
I am very much enjoying using your application and in only a few sessions can already begin to hear things differently.
BTW, so far, I'm loving your software! Really excellent work. Thank you!
I use the program mainly for my Critical Listening class.  It is actually quite well known amongst the students in my audio program at University of Colorado, Denver.
Nikolai Sumcad
Thank you so much, your support and the program itself is amazing!
Thorsten Hoppe
Such a fast response make me even happier about quality of your product & services ! :)
Matus Jaremko
Yeah, TYE improves your hearing skills and helps you understand the place of the EQ in a mix.
It’s a great application to train hearing frequencies to improve your EQ skills in the studio. It’s very useful! Never regret my purchase. :)
Daniel Nilsson
What a fantastic, well designed programme!! Thanks guys!!
Sam Toro
It's a great piece of software!
The fundamental rule to quick results is - practice every day.
Do 100 quizzes per day.
It takes about 15 minutes.
Nikolay Kulyabko
Great piece of software, thanks for it!
Holger Jung
SfP (Sound for Picture)
I’m enjoying the software a lot. I’ve been using EarMaster 5 for many years now and am excited to incorporate TrainYourEars as part of my daily routine.
Ru Kojo Lemer
Ru Kojo
To be honest this is exactly the kind of software I was looking for while I was at school in SAE Paris. Something solid, where you can progress at your own pace, and feel the changes quick enough.
alex martinelli
The John Lenon Educational Bus
I wish i'd had it when I first started studying audio.
It's great to find comfort in knowing that your ears are getting better at detecting certain frequencies.
Nathan Frazer
I like the new Correct training method a lot.
It is definitely useful. 
Björn Obermann
I really like the software and I use it every day.
Manuel Poschadel
Hey! I bought your software half a year ago and its amazing! My understanding about frequencies has approved a lot! Especially with the Band Pass Filter.
Korbinian Breu
It is a good software that really helps in the eq domain.
I noticed an improvement in my mixes so it really helps.
I run sound for musical performances and the software has improved my ears a great deal so I am grateful for the experience.
Lee Jolly
I instantly switched from v1 to v2. I have to say it is a huge improvement! The GUI works just nicely and is a lot more clearer than in version 1 (I love version one anyway).
Florian Bach
TrainYourEars has been one of the most useful programs, and now with version 2 even more.
I love the interface,
it looks great and very user friendly :-)
Mads Johannes Nielsen
Since I started using this software my aural recognition has improved greatly, many thanks!
Erick Padilla
Nice work on TYE 2.0.
It looks awesome! It’s software I don’t think I’ll
ever stop using.
stuart RUIZ
I'm a multiple Emmy Award winning mixer.
I've checked out every ear training app/CD set I can find and yours is the best. Keep up the good work.
Jim Slanger (IMDB)
TrainYourEars EQ Edition is the best frequency ear trainer.
This product will help you unlock the full potential of your ears !!
Daniel Waldmann
Silent Underground Studio
More than recommended. One of the most useful things in this profession, and something no plugin can do.
Sebastian Lopera Gomez
I have been an avid user of your software since July 2012. I can't wait to get stuck in the 2.0 version. Excellent software!
Neil Crockett
Congratulations on the software - it is great!
Stefan Wessel
Just to mention, great job. Really a step up upgrade.
Well done!!
Your software is a very extremely useful and fantastic !!! Bravo !
François Demuth
Just to say TYE2 is BRILLIANT and a great update (from the already very good V1).
Particularly love the 'Correct' feature. Can't wait to implement this with the people I train!
Matthew Dennis
I love the program, but was wondering if there is any possibility of different editions. For example, Reverb, Compression, Delay etc. ?
Sam Dawson
The software is working wonderfully! Thank you so much for your continued support and quick responses. This is a great tool and I'm very happy to be using it!
Luis DeJesus
You guys totally nailed the update with V.2! I love the exercise designer and the real world application of some of your training options.
daniel kassulke
Already bought this and it's AWESOME! Highly Recommended!
Kendrick Hughes
Truly awesome stuff right there! Try the learning method suggested by Mr. Katz and be amazed with the results...
RubEn Abrante 
I'm very satisfied with the software. You did fantastic job and I recommend it to everyone I know!
Richard Święch
Thank you for your help in what has been my best experience with customer service ever.
Renen Hicken
I had v1 so I’m pretty familiar with it, though v2 looks like completely different. And “correct” mode is great! Love it. We will start showing it on our online lessons to our students.
Mix:Master Wyatt Academy
Great product. Even so I mix up to 200 shows a year, I frequently do additional ear workouts to get faster and more accurate.
Marco Melges
I purchased purchased TrainYourEars last year during my 2014-15 academic sessions and I must admit I love your product.
Joshua Patoine
Firstly, I absolutely love your software, it's really helped me in my starting days behind the mixing desk.
Keeva O'Shea
Congrats on your app,
I think it’s fantastic!
Logic Pro Expert
It's brilliant. I know the value of ear training and TYE is the dream ear training system. You guys have done an amazing job. The fact users can design their own exercises is just awesome.
Chris Bryant
I've been enjoying the software for the past few days. Actually, enjoying doesn't even begin to describe it. This is an essential learning tool that all aspiring audio engineers should own.
I really enjoy training my ears with your program.
I also have another ear training app but TrainYourEars is way more effective.
Fabian Balz
You made an awesome work with the version 2.
I really love it :) !!
Laurent Glauser
I love the software and it will help my students greatly.
Craig Tambascio
Oh and btw...
I already own TYE v1 and
I love it. I was wondering if it's possible to update to the v2.
IohanN Mallette-Miller
I really like your software :)
Claudio Meloni
Please tell everybody at TrainYourEars what an awesome software this is.  It may be the greatest ear training method out there.  Thank you!
Cody Falkosky
Thank you for a wonderful software. Wish you
all the best.
Rune Heintze Nørgaard
Hi guys, Stefano here.
Thank you for making a fantastic tool to perfect my skills.
Stefano bonzi
Everyone in music should buy and use this everyday.
Bobby L'Avenir
I think I should just say how much I appreciate your software. It has helped me a lot with my learning! I am about to put into practice what I have learnt on a big jazz concert!
Samuel Kemp
All I have to say is that my mixing has improved SO MUCH. Now I KNOW what I'm doing when I use the EQ.
I love the program. It's easy to use and works very well.
Clemens Markart
The progress is obvious because I recognize more and more the analyzed frequencies. This will greatly facilitate my mixing and mastering job.
Thank you very much !
Jean-Claude Kangomba
I’ve recommended TrainYourEars to numerous people and it’s really helped me with my frequency recognition.
Well TYE 2 is just amazing!!
All the possibilities to study are great.
David Ricardo Cepeda
I've started to study audio engineering this month and I just nailed the first few assignments instantly. It helped tremendously training my ears with your software.
Benjamin Reichstein
I already enjoyed the first version of TrainYourEars. The second is even better!
Sebastian Mikolai
Great concept of using your own music to tell the difference in eq.
I have seen great improvement in my eq abilities.
Chris Chang
Well done! It's defo the best and most powerful ear training app I tried.
I really like the flexibility of designing exercises and it definitely helped improve my eq skills.
Blazej Wieliczko
I am loving version 2.
It has fast tracked my ear training and is translating to everyday use, so thank you.
Heidi Camilleri
I love the software.
It's been hugely helpful to me in learning to identify what it is I'm actually hearing, EQ-wise, in my music.
Steve Chiasson
I didn't realise how incorrect my perception of sound actually was till I started using the program. Using it for a few weeks improved my listening and mixing ability so much.
Bish Malik
The update and new interface is spot on.
The training has helped a lot with my own work.
luke sutherland
I really enjoyed working with your software.
We will get it up on our resources page by the end of the week :-)
Keith Mills
Quantize Courses
I have made significant progress in listening to my mixes thanks to TrainYourEars and it has became my favourite ear training software.
LOVE the program!
I use it constantly, and it's helping my ability to create better mixes faster.
Also, I don't think I'll ever out grow it! Thanks!!!!
Jeff King
Making my way through the beginner's package (which is awesome too!), and having lots of fun. The exercise designer is really genius. Can't wait to see how sharp my ears get a few months from now!
Kevin  Ricoy
I love the software.
I think it’s going to be really beneficial to our students.
Tom Lonsborough
Midi School
I felt instant response of improvement.
It really shows how much one lacks understanding of where in spectrum sound has its tonality.
Ronny  Rydgren
I really love your app.
For me, it's essential for every aspiring audio engineer whether live or in studio. Thank you so much for this. :)
Paulo Garganta
I love it –
I recommend your app to every colleague I know.
Aras Yadegari
The new version (2.0) is definitely better! - I love the new interface. Much slicker and easier to navigate through with all the options on the left.
Josef Kanka
I truly thank you all for making a product that drastically improves my performance everyday. Couldn’t ask for more.
P.S. My ears love it too!
Timothy Woten
It is powerful. 30 minutes are like 5 sound checks every day. I'm better now.
Thank you TYE!
Andrea Albicini
I love your software.
It's really easy to use and really really good and effective. I will recommend to all people what I know.
gary moreno
I truly thank you all for making a product that drastically improves my performance everyday. Couldn’t ask for more.
P.S. My ears love it too!
Timothy Woten
TYE has saved me a lot of time in my quest to becoming a true audio professional. The exercise designer is so powerful. And being able to import your own music is also important.
Martin Ohlson
In the first few weeks that I was regularly using it, I think it's been really useful and is overall a great product!
I've noticed improvement in recognising frequencies.
Nathaniel Soon
Thanks for your good software and serious update support !
Romain Martin
I like your software very much. The main reason I chose your program was the repair exercise, no monthly cost and the VST support (sonarworks headphone plugin!!!).
I wish you guys had come out years ago with it...
I have been doing audio since 1963...... have a good day!!!
Joseph Adams
I absolutely love TrainYourEars 2 and I’m about to download version 2.1. Keep up the good work!
Geert-Jan Westland
I think it's a great tool.
I have found it very useful, especially when engineering live gigs.
cephren clare
Thank you for the follow up — I really appreciate the excellent customer service (and the excellent product).
Michael Beeman
By the way, I am very happy with TrainYourEars. Without any doubt is an indispensable software for me. It has been my best software purchase this year.
Carlos Arcay
I’m not an engineer, but a composer who enjoys mixing, so I’ve felt TYE has really helped me listen critically to my mixes.
Matt Novack
I think it’s fantastic.  A great tool, and fun too!  Highly customisable, and extremely useful.
I will be recommending that the college install it on their machines.
Amazing software.
NEIL Aldridge
Neil Aldridge IMDB
Love your software! Thanks!
I don't have any questions, just wanted to let you know I'm happy with it :-)
Elizabeth Overwater
So far it has been an amazing tool. It has helped to really improve my mixing mainly because I can hear different frequencies much better.
Max Kaminskiy
Sound guys! 
If you want to learn to EQ literally ANYTHING, I've got a killer program for you to check out! 
Thank you for your great product !
Adrien Winter
Thanks for the help!
Loving the TYE app!
Todd Reynolds
I LOOOOOOOOOVE this software, I mean it's awesome
Hector SantaJulia
I feel like the combination of Sonarworks and TYE will be absolutely life-changing.
I find TYE2 simpler.
I mean, less complex in some ways, like the selection of the exercises... cool! And the "correct" stuff it's even cooler :)
Claudio Januario
Yes thanks, it woks perfect. It's a real funny piece of software you made!
Thank you so much.
Jostein Sjoehaug
TrainYourEars 2 is fantastic. The software has been a great support for my music production college studies. Our teacher from "Critical Audio Analysis" recommended it to us (students).
Pablo Garay
Hey Luis!
I like the software a lot!
Jonas Kellnhofer
I am one of the original purchasers of TrainYourEars when it came out and I love the software. It's been incredibly helpful.
MARCO Pascetta
A simple but highly effective way to improve your EQ skills, with well-thought-out exercises that mirror production decisions encountered in the real world.
Alex Holmes
I feel it's helped me in learning to assess the quality of my mixes better. Especially the exploration of the correction exercises seems quite beneficial in getting to understand various frequency ranges.
Valentin Kraevskiy
I'm certainly improving. Seriously, the only thing I could ask for is flac support, I hope it's in the works. Otherwise, the program is awesome. I'm really grateful to you!
Aleksei Palagin
I've been obsessively using TrainYourEars all weekend.
I was instantly amazed and upset at the same time. Amazed at how well it works and upset because I was off a lot. Lol. Which is a good thing because this will help to train my ears a lot more.
Jarvis Sheppard
The program is REALLY great. Fantastic idea and implementation. I love it.
David Austin
You guys are awesome. thanks for sharing.
I'm in love with exercise number 6-Obscure Matters. NOW MY KICK SOUNDS GREAT!
I think the program is awesome, and I'm going to encourage my students to get it. And I want to purchase some licenses for my school's lab.
EDWARD Harrington
New Mexico Highlands University
Hello! I've got your program, and it's SO COOL!! Thank you VERY MUCH. Do you have a mobile version? for iOS?
Vadim Nechaev
I want to start this email by congratulating you guys. TYE2 is wonderful, and really has done a huge improvement in my frequency recognition and engineering skills. Keep up the awesome work!
Luis Cangueiro
My friends go to the gym... I go to the "ear-gym".
It was hard at first, but after two months of doing these daily EQ exercises, my auditory precision  increased drastically.
I really enjoy using Train Your Ears, it's a wonderful program, and version 2 has brought major improvements!
Sebastian Moench
I want to say that I have found the software to be excellent and have already noticed improvements, so thank you guys for providing such a great product.
Chris McDonald
Thank your for the app! It truly makes me a better person :)
Arnis Racinskis
I really like the software. It is and has helped me a great deal as far as hearing things that bring my music out of the shadows.
Larry Reid
I also used to do brain research and I know from psychophysical testing that frequency-selective aural training like this is an incredibly effective way to learn to selectively attend and manipulate sound.
Dr. Bryan Alvarez
I bought it today and started practicing.  I really like how intuitive and fast everything is. I'm going to start grinding this several times a day.
First of all, TrainYourEars is THE training software I was looking for years, so finally I found it!
Giuseppe Arena
Arena Musicale
I used it regularly and I found it extremely helpful. I've been doing audio post for 4 years and I generally did 80% in most exercises. I found the personalisation (with more bands and such) really really great.
Mara Maracinescu
I love the software! It's definitely improving my hearing/frequency memory. It does what it says on the tin, great software!
I love your program and it'd be great to be a part of what you're doing.
Stephen Kelly
Hi there!
I'm an Audio Engineering student and I have been using your GREAT program for a long time.
Silvano Jud
Your program is awesome. My hearing has improved significantly already.
Vidal Sisneros
I love the software.
I immediately bought an extra copy for our house engineer too.
Barnier Geerling
iam studios
The program is awesome.
I use it while teaching all the time.
Jamie Cerniglia
Jamiecer Recording Studio
Finally I had the time to check out all the cool new features of version 2 with different exercises! I love it!
Steen Caspersen
You should absolutely be using this. Within a week it completely changed my understanding of the frequency spectrum.
#EarTraining is real. I can't say enough good things about it.
Daniel Herman
Mineral Sound
Trying out new TrainYourEars software in our Mixdown Lab.
Highly recommended!
Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
Simple and highly efficient, the line-in possibility makes it super versatile as you can then train on everything. 5 stars!
David Boura
I recommend this program to producers, artists and engineers at any level, as it does what it says on the box: it trains your ears.
Marius van Dyk
Yes, I use TrainYourEars. It's really good. It has improved my hearing significantly.
I'm an Audio Engineer student, and I have used your GREAT program for a long time.
I'm totally hooked on the TYE method of learning to listen. You killed it with the EQ version so far, I believe you could really set the modern day standard for ear training.
Thank you for creating a great software. I really like it and think it will be very helpful.
I'm loving the software :-)
Ismail Daif
The software is really cool. I have improved my ears in these three months.
It's one of the best pieces of software I have ever used, very clever in the way you really have to sit and work out what's been cut or boosted!
Russell Butterfield
TrainYourEars is very good.
It helped me recognising better some frequencies!
I didn't used it a lot, but it helped me quickly.
Keep up the good work.
Miguel Oliveira
I've been working with TYE since 2 years ago and I think is great. My level of hearing improved so much and I'm so happy with the results. I hope TYE helps as many engineers as possible.
Thank you for the really great software. It's really user friendly and fun, kinda addictive.
Jeroen Nadorp
I really love this teaching program. Thank you for putting this forth.
Carl Hartmann
You guys have an amazing program.
Justin Calvillo
I love your software.
Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!
Josh Bouw
Excellent. Thanks guys,
I love the app.
Michael McKeogh
Got it downloaded and running, (plus all the extra exercise files), and I'm looking forward to using the app more! Love it so far!
Wyatt Avery
It appears to have worked without a hitch! Thank you so much for all of your help and customer service since I purchased the product. It is rare to receive this level of service.
I love TrainYourEars! Thanks for the great product!
Lucas Newell
I'm really looking forward to use TrainYourEars 2 because version 1 really helped my ears a lot.
Thanks! Love the program!
bryan clark
A long time ago I purchased TrainYourEars and I love to use it almost every day since today.
Maciej Kabza
Working great so far!  Thank for following up and thanks for the great program!
Rick Andress
Thanks for your kindness.
I am really impressed with your service. It was not only fast but also accurate.
I love your program and it's definitely helpful.
Mingu Lee
Train your Ears is amazing! I didn't get a chance to use it for ages but have been using it for the last couple of months.  I'm very impressed with it.
I love TrainYourEars and even as a long time producer I have benefited from the software.
Robert Johnston
Yes I got the software activated and am loving it!!!
Thanks again for all your help & service.
Sam Bartlett
The software is great!!!
Nico Binder
Thanks guys! Glad you liked the tutorial. I'm a huge fan of TYE btw...
Pete Woj
Thanks for your reply.
I have tried the exercise and it helps me a lot.
I should have your program many years before :-)
François Demuth
Let me say that if all company have a support service like your, the world would be very better. I've just recommended your product to some of my students.
Luigi Suardi
Thanks for your help.
I started practicing with v.2.1.0, your software is great !
Jean-Julien Filatriau
This program is very useful and some of my student purchased it from you recently.
Pavol Brezina
TrainYourEars  is just what I needed and the price is very fair. I hope you are having great success with it.
I have been using TYE with Reference 3 for a while now, and benefit greatly from your wonderful program.
Thom Snyder

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