Public Use Licenses

Looking for University or Academy licenses?   You are in the right place :)

If you plan to install TrainYourEars in a public computer of an AcademyUniversity or any other organisation where different people may have access to it, you need to purchase a Public Use License (sometimes called Public Display License).

Price depends on the number of licenses purchased:

  • 1 to 4: 89€ per license
  • 5 to 9: 79€ per license
  • 10 to 14: 69€ per license
  • 15 to 19: 59€ per license
  • 20 or more: 49€ per license

If you are in the EU the taxes of your country are automatically added in the checkout process. If you want to pay without taxes because you have a valid EU VAT Number please use the contact form to send it to us before the purchase.

To add a Public Use License to the cart click on this button:



  • If you need to buy more than one you can add them on the checkout page. Just type the number in the Quantity field and click on Update.
  • If you previously added a Personal Use License you can remove it from the cart before the checkout.

If you want to contact us before the purchase please use our contact form.